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About Leatherite

Leatherite have been manufacturing the highest quality synthetic leather strapping for over forty years. Designed specifically for the equine industry, the product is strong, durable, very low maintenance, has a natural vanilla scent and is easy to clean using nothing but water. 

Leatherite synthetic leather strapping has a traditional leather-look and is available in a wide range of traditional and fun colors allowing for a diverse range of end products. Leatherite products are eco-friendly, using non-toxic and phthalate free materials for your peace of mind. The development of new and exciting products is the result of our ongoing commitment to listen and understand the needs of our customers. We encourage feedback from our distributors, manufacturers and end users which drives our future product development and, in turn, keeps our stakeholders innovative and competitive in the market.  

The traditional market for Leatherite strapping has been the equine industry in pleasure, racing and endurance riding, however customers are now manufacturing a large number of different items for a variety of industries. We are seeing an increase in sales to businesses making items such as industrial belts, dog collars and leads and sports equipment to supply niche markets. Leatherite are pleased to support the needs of all of our customers, large and small.

Leatherite Coated Webbing

Raw Webbing - Leatherite

Core to the strength of Leatherite strapping is the woven centre. Produced from a combination of carefully selected yarns, the weave gives the product high tensile strength, flexibility and assists with the adhesion to the outer polymer coating.

The adhesive used to create the strong bond between the webbing and the polymer is a carefully selected and formulated blend of adhesives sourced from Europe. The result is possibly the toughest bond between webbing and polymer available. It is by far the strongest that we have tested.

The final ingredient in Leatherite strapping is the outer co-polymer coating. Made from a flexible Thermoplastic Elastomeric compound specially designed for the equestrian market, this compound is manufactured in accordance with Plastics Material for Food Contact Use guidelines. Being UV stabilised, the finished product is both strong and durable in extreme weather conditions.

Research and Development

Product Test Comparison with Leatherite

Leatherite invest significant resources into ongoing research, development and testing to ensure we continue to offer the highest quality products. This is no more apparent than in the improvements in our adhesion between the polymer and the webbing. In collaboration with local and international adhesive suppliers who have contributed technical expertise, we have developed the unique blended adhesive that has seen a 250% improvement in tear strength test results in less than one year. This puts Leatherite ahead of the pack. The graph opposite compares the Leatherite product with a well known International brand. Leatherite PN 25 product tested required twice the force to remove the polymer from the webbing.

If you would like to see and learn more about the process, watch our YouTube video:

Leatherite Manufacturing Gallery

Back end of the loomLoomsStock LocationWhite Apollo being spooled

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